Eighth Grade Goodbyes

Eighth Graders Bid Goodbye To Warner

Diana Gjura

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As the school year comes to an end, so do the last weeks of the middle school for our eighth graders. To celebrate our years of middle school finally being accomplished, we bring together our last events including Mock Interviews, Cedar Point, The Eighth Grade Party and The Eighth Grade Honors Ceremony to make final memories of this part of our lives.

Many teachers have helped us throughout these years. A teacher who has been mentioned multiple times was  Mrs. Goudeseune. Carlos Merett says Mrs. Goudeseune hasn’t only helped him academically but behaviorally wise as well. Another teacher who has had a positive impact on their students is Mrs. Gold-Sloan. Jessica Bedal says this is because she never gives up on her students and always has faith in them. Good teachers make a good school, which gives us good memories.

Memories our students won’t forget are the field trips. This year, our music department had a field trip to Chicago. That was Gabby Woods favorite memory of eighth grade because it was fun being with all her friends in a different place performing music. Clay Emeigh’s favorite part of this year was the eighth grade trip to Washington, D.C. He enjoyed it because it was a very fun and an educational experience. I´m sure we can say the same about all of our trips.

In a couple short months, we will be starting high school. Kaitlyn Carlson is looking forward to new people, new teachers, and a new scenery. Many of our other students, including Christian Durfield, are looking forward to having more freedom. Even though many of us are looking forward to many things throughout the next four years, we will always look back and appreciate our middle school years here at Warner.




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