FPS – Stop Standardized Testing!

Rebecca Tauber, Op-Ed Editor

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Let The Testing Begin


Sure enough, it was that time of year again, the one that we all look forward to. Ever since third grade, two tests, three times a year. We could have been learning, but not today! We are sitting in class for a week straight doing nothing but testing. “This stresses me out,” says Lola. “I hate this,” Robert says. “What if I don’t get into college?” says Harley. This is all I hear. This is all that we think and it never ends. Then, a few weeks go by, my parents anxiously wait and see how I do, where I compare to the other kids in the state, seeing if it was really worth me stressing out for a week?

Farmington Public Schools should not require standardized testing. Most standardized testing doesn’t completely express what students know. According to Education Week, “standardized tests don’t actually show what students don’t already know.” Standardized tests typically ask questions that are similar to other questions on prior tests.  Standardized testing also takes time out of learning. They ask the same questions and ones that students have already learned about. Education week also stated, “if you ask any teacher, they can tell you which students can read and write. They can grade better than some computer system.”

According to Educational Leadership, “if a school’s standardized test scores are high, people think the school’s staff is effective. If a school’s standardized test scores are low, they see the school’s staff as ineffective. The creators of these standardized tests are extremely talented and don’t intend for people to do well.” Not every student is a good test taker, so these test scores don’t accurately reflect a student’s intelligence. Although, according to the Thomas B. Fordham Institute, “Most parents, for example, would like to know whether their child is meeting state benchmarks, or how they compare to statewide peers. Some people have argued that teachers’ grades are acceptable, but the reality is that the way teachers grade can be wildly different across schools. While standardized exams are not intended to replace the teacher grading system, they do provide an increasing assessment of student achievement.” Not every student is the same, and they shouldn’t be compared to anyone else. Yes, parents want to know if their child meets standards, but you don’t always know the situation behind each test.

In conclusion, standardized testing should not be a need in Farmington Public Schools. Standardized tests stress kids out, they ask questions that students have already learned about, and standardized tests compare students to their entire school’s average.  The need for standardized testing is constantly overestimated. These tests don’t determine our future, so they should not be required tests that we have to take several times a year.

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Rebecca Tauber, Contributor

Rebecca Tauber is an eighth grader at Warner Middle School. She has been a dancer for nine years and has danced the styles of Jazz, Lyrical, and Musical...