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Emma Belanger, Writer

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Many of our school’s activities and fundraisers are run by the National Junior Honor Society. All of the members work their hardest to make our school a better and happier place. But what do the members say about their successes? Claire Letterman, a member of NJHS, says that she is proud of the NJHS’ successes because they raised a lot of money for different fundraisers, and everyone in NJHS put all their effort into everything that they did. Claire also said she had fun being a part of the many activities that NJHS does such as: Valentine Grams (pictured below), bake sales, Beaumont fundraiser, pennies for patients, and so much more!

Another NJHS member, Emily Callcut, said that she was also very proud of their successes because it is very humbling to hear about the problems people face, and it feels good to help work towards a solution. She also says that she liked to spend time with her friends while helping people.

National Junior Honor Society seems like an amazing opportunity for kids to have fun with their friends while helping the community.



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Emma Belanger is an eighth grader at Warner Middle School and is a part of the 2017-2018 Warner Yearbook Staff. She was on the school's volleyball and...