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On May Tenth the Warner track team had a meet against Ferndale Middle School. The boys won 104-24. The girls won 96½ – 31½. Here are some interviews from the night’s top scoring eighth graders.


Jaiden Vista 55 Hurdles

PR: 8.08

“What is your goal for this track season?”

“To get first in counties and break the current county record.”



Lawrence Gilliam and Kerry Jackson 4/1, 4/2,  4/4


“What do you like most about running together?”

L: “We get our hand offs really quickly. It’s a good team with good chemistry and it works really well. “

K: “I think we are both very quick and fast. I agree we have great, smooth hand offs, and that’s how we win.”



Ella O’Neill 200 M

PR: 27.67

“What do you like about running the 200M dash?”

“I like running the 200M dash because to me, I like to build up speed and this is the perfect race to do so. Also, this race is so competitive that it keeps me on my toes the whole race.”


Jessie Lucas 55 M hurdles


“What do you like the most about doing 55M hurdles”

“I like to jump, and it makes me very excited to run. It’s not a long distance either, so it’s quick and easy.”


Maya Rai 800 M


“What do you like about running the 800M?”

“It’s fun for me to run this distance because there’s not a whole lot of competition, which boosts me to go faster. It’s not that long of a race, so it’s fun to see people cheer me on.”




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