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Travel Questions with Joe!

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This past week we interviewed someone with some of the coolest experiences in the school- Joe Crandall has traveled the world monthly while still doing well in school. We asked him a few interesting questions that we will be sharing with you.

Question: What has been your favorite travel destination? Answer: Italy because of the architecture, people and food.

Question: What has been your least favorite travel destination?  Answer: Bulgaria because it is undergoing modernization because its emerging from communism.

Question: What is a place you have never been but you would like to go? Answer: Australia because he’s never been there.

Question: What is the farthest place you’ve ever been to? Answer: Singapore but he went when he was a baby so he doesn’t remember.

Question: Where is the most exotic place you’ve been? Answer: The Philippines because of it’s diversity and how different it is.

Question: Where would you like to live? Answer: Brazil because the people there are really outgoing and fun.

Question: Do you ever get homesick? Answer: No because he’s enjoying it too much to care and he’s not there for long.

Question: How often do you travel? Answer: Every month or every few months.

Question: Do you ever have trouble communicating with natives? Answer: Not really but if he does he uses google translate.

Thank you Joe for sharing your amazing stories!

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