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What Is Yearbook Really Like?

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Have you ever wondered what the yearbook class is really like? Is it filled with hard-working, serious students, or a class of fun and laughter? A few of yearbook’s hard workers shared their perspectives on the class.

Nidhi Mistry, who worked on the seventh grade and music sections, answered, “My favorite part of the class was making the yearbook itself. I liked being able to put my best effort into what I was doing.”

Sophie Blumberg, a worker in the sixth grade section, states, “My favorite part was taking pictures of people who are having fun and helping create something that people can look back on for memories.”

The students also explained what the most challenging part of the class was. Grace Garnett, a part of the sports and clubs sections, states, “My biggest struggle was trying to please everyone involved. Sometimes there weren’t enough pictures of certain events, and it was difficult to fit everyone in the photos.”  For instance, during an assembly or a cross country meet, we had to make sure that we took tons of photos. If not, it was a problem later on, when we couldn’t recreate the event. You can’t ask an entire school of students to go back to the gym and pretend it’s the Reindeer Games!

Everyone that took part in the making of the yearbook was proud of how it turned out. Claire Letterman, a sports and clubs staff member, says, “ I am very proud because everyone worked really hard, and it really paid off in the end.”

All in all, the yearbook class seems like a great investment of any student’s time. The determination and effort lead to a fantastic product and a amazing unity between the students. We’re all excited for everyone to see our final product when yearbooks are distributed on June 8th.  What?! You didn’t buy a yearbook?  We will have a few extra to sell starting on Monday, June 11th before school for $40 CASH ONLY!

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Emily Callcut, Contributer

Emily is an eighth grader. She loved being part of the Yearbook and is excited to start working on the newspaper. She enjoys tennis, figure skating, and...

Emma Belanger, Contributor

Emma Belanger is an eighth grader at Warner Middle School and is a part of the 2017-2018 Warner Yearbook Staff. She was on the school's volleyball and...

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